Union Process Recirculating Attritor, Size Q1, 2 hp

100 gallon Union Process Attritor.

1 gallon Union Process Attritor, stainless steel bowl and shaft.

1S Union Process Attritor, Type B, 1/2 hp US Varidrive.

one(1) used Union Process Lab Attritor, Model 01-HD

50 gallon used Batch Attritor, 15 hp variable speed drive,

Union Process Attritor Tank, 1S

used Union Process Lab Attritor, urethane lined, 2hp

used Union Process Lab Attritor Bowl and Shaft


one(1) used Mikropul Pulverizer, 1 hp, stainless steel

15 hp Champion Products Hammermill,

TM Engineering Multiple Head Pulverizer, ring and puck mill

one(1) used Gran-U-Lizer made by Modern Process Equipment

1 ACM Mikropul Pulverizer lab air classifying impact mill

One(1) used Angstrom Siebtechnic Puck Mill Pulverizer

one(1) used Angstrom Siebetechnic, Puck Mill Pulverizer

used Mikropul "Bantam" Pulverizer - Hammermill

used Mikropul Pulverizer, Model SH.

used Mikropul Pulverizer, Type SH, stainless steel, auger feed

used 5 hp Mikropul Pulverizer, Model 1W.

on(1) used Mikropul "Mikro-Samplmill" Pulverizer Hammermill

Schutz O'Neill Air Swept Pulverizer, Model 20, 40 hp.

Schutz O'Neill Air Swept Pulverizer, 75 hp

4TH Pulva Rotor with bearings.

Angstrom Grinding Chamber and puck.

Trost Jet Mill, Air Impact, Pulverizer

Weber Brothers Lab Pulverizer.

Horizontal Media Mill

1/2 liter Drais Mannheim Lab Perl Media Mill.

Netszch Horizontal Media Mills, (2) 20 liter chambers

1.5 liter Premier Horizontal Lab Pilot Plant Media Mill

Drais Lab. Horiz. Media Mill,

Dispermat Horiz. Bead Mill, Media Mill.

Eiger Machninery Lab Horiz. Media Mill, jacketed chamber

used 1 liter Epworth Morehouse Cowles "Zinger" Lab Horiz. Media Mill

Dispermat horiz. bead mill

Netzsch Horiz. Media Mill Chamber and Rotor, 4 liter

20 Liter Netzsch Media Mill, molinex style, 25 hp vari speed.

45 liter Premier Horiz. Media Mill,

45 liter Ross Horiz. Media Mill, jacketed & stainless steel chamber.

45 liter Netzsch Horizontal Media Mill, 50 hp.

used WAB Dyno-mill Lab Horizontal Media Mill

Jar Roller Mills

US Stoneware Jar Roller Mill, 2 tier

Jar Roller Mill, 5" x 48" long rolls, single tier.

one(1) used 48" US Stoneware Jar Roller Mill, two tier, single phase

Jaw Crusher

3" x 4" Abbe Engineering Jaw Crusher, 1 hp.

Sturtevant Jaw Crusher. 4" x 8", 3 hp

Roll crushers

6" x 6" Two Roll Crusher, lab unit, Roskamp -California Pellet Mill

6" x 10" Denver Two Roll Crusher, with drive.

Vertical Media Mill

Drais Mannheim Perl Mill, vertical, stainless steel

used Draiswerke Inc. Vertical Perl Mill, media mill

Drais Vertical Media Mill, Buhler Grp., 40 hp


used 12" diameter, Babbit bearings for ball mill,

used 16" x 17" Paul O. Abbe Pebble Mill, porcelain

Seibtechnik Vibratory Lab Ball Mill

Lab Vibratory Ball Mill.

21.5" x 20" Patterson Ball Mill/Reactor

Paul O. Abbe Pebble Mill Chamber, chamber only

90 gallon US Stoneware Pebble Mill

42" x 48" long Pebble Mill, 5 hp gear reduced drive, on stand.

42" x 48" Paul O. Abbe Pebble Mill.

4' x 4' Paul O. Abbe Pebble Mill, 10 hp motor.

4' x 5' Steveco Ball Mill, steel lining, 20 hp on stand

5' x 6' Patterson Pebble Mill, alumina brick lined.

used Pebble Mills, 6' dia. x 8' long, on stand with 25 hp drives

80" x 72" Netzsch Pebble Mill. alumina brick lined.

Pinion Gear for Ball Mill with Keyway

20 hp Sterling Gear Reduced Drive, 100 rpm output.

Babbitted Bearings. 12" diameter. (qty. 2)

Pebble Mill Door. round opening

Pebble Mill Door, alumina brick lined.

one(1) used Ball Mill door, Grinding door, 9" x 15.5"

Ball Mill Discharge Door. 9" x 15.5"

used Ball Mill Discharge Door, 9" x 15.5" long, grated

used Ball Mill Door


50 hp Hasewaga Deflaker / attrition mill

Buehler Polishing Table. 2 disc.

60 qt. Robot Coupe Tank with 3 sets of chopper blades

1,633 lbs. Grinding Media, .55" x .55" , used

4" Bonnot Pug Mill Extruder, 2 hp

used Cornell Versator, Model D16, 10 hp with vac. pump

used Cornell Versator, Model D16, 7.5 hp varidrive

used Arde Barinco Dicon Inline Dispersing Grinder Homogenizer

Sweco Urethane Line Vibratory Mill, M18

used Sweco Vibratory Grinding Mill, Model M18, urethane lined

used Sweco Vibratory Mill, Model FMD-1LR

Sweco Grinding Mill, urethane lined., DM-10

SPEX 8000 Mixer/Mill, single phase

SPEX 8000 Mixer/Mill

Lab Colloid Mill, 1.5 hp, stainless steel contact parts.

5MA Hosokawa Micron Powder Technology Mill

20" Sturtevant Micronizer, stainless steel, 12 nozzles.

Angstrom Grinding Puck, ring and grinding chamber.

Barmac Mill, top loading, bottom discharge

SPEX 8000 Mixer/Mill, single phase

Mitts and Merrill 300HP Hog Grinder

R & D Carbon Ltd Tumbling Apparatus, Lab unit

D26 Cornell Versator, stainless steel, 25 hp.

Delumper - Screener, stainless steel,

Sweco Vibro Energy Mill, Model M18SJ, jacketed.


one(1) used Chicago Boiler "Red Head" Sandmill, Model 16P

used Chicago Boiler "Red Head" Lab Sandmill

Chicago Boiler Vertical Sandmill, 3P

used Chicago Boiler "Red Head" Lab Sandmill

one used Chicago Boiler "Red Head" Sandmill, Model 3P

L5 Chicago Boiler "Red Head" Sandmill

three roll

4" x 8" Kent Three Roll Mill

4" x 8" Three Roll Mill, Kent Inc. rebuilt by Ross. 1 hp

14" x 30" J.H. Day Three Roll Mill, 2 speed motor.

Bronze End Guides for a 12" diameter Three Roll Mill.

Bronze End Guides for J.H.Day Three Roll Mill, 12" rolls

Apron Hooks for J.H. Day Three Roll Mill, one set., 12" rolls

Apron Hooks for J.H. Day Three Roll Mill, one set.

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