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12" x 36" Pleated Conveyor, on casters.

12" x 87" Plastic flexible Conveyor, 1/2 hp drive.

2" jet mill, stainless steel

2.3 hp Lightnin Agitator Drive, 350 rpm

3.5 hp Lightnin Agitator Drive, rated 350 rpm output, bridge mounted

3/4" Gear Pump, 1/3 hp XP tagged motor, variable speed.

30 hp Myers High Speed Disperser, stainless steel.

46 kw Hot Oil Heater

Brookfield Viscometer

Dispermat horiz. bead mill

Dispermat Horiz. Bead Mill, Media Mill.

Dispermat Lab High Speed Disperser, with digital controls

Eirich High Intensity Mixer, Model RV18, 1500 liter capacity.

Gates 3" Acid-Chemical Suction Discharge Hoses

Harshaw Filtrol Salt Spray Weathering Cabinet

one(1) used PHI 4-post Hydraulic Upacting Press, electric platens

Red Devil Paint Shaker

Research Equipment Ltd. Cone and Plate Viscometer

Rotex Screener 40" x 120" , 5 hp carbon steel

Rotex Screener, Model GP83

Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor, 5.5" wide x 73" long

Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor, sanitary, 5.5" wide x 73" trough

Stokes Oscillating Granulator, stainless steel

Sweco Urethane Line Vibratory Mill, M18

used 1 liter Epworth Morehouse Cowles "Zinger" Lab Horiz. Media Mill

used 2 hp Hockmeyer High Speed Lab Disperser, stainless steel

used 2 hp Hockmeyer High Speed Lab Disperser, stainless steel, variable speed

used 500 gallon Stainless Steel Tank with mixer

used Arde Barinco Dicon Inline Dispersing Grinder Homogenizer

used Brookfield Viscometer

used Dispermat Lab High Speed Disperser.

used Draiswerke Inc. Vertical Perl Mill, media mill

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