20 liter Welex Papenmeier High Intensity Mixer, stainless steel

Littleford Lodige Mixer, FKM-200D. 4.2 cu ft capacity.

300 liter, Littleford Mixer, Model FKM300

used J.H. Day Turbulent Mixer, stainless steel, jacketed, 30 hp

225 cu ft Littleford Mixer, jacketed, 75 hp

Double Arm

Baker Perkins Double Arm Sigma Lab Mixer, 1 qt. working capacity

Baker Perkins Double Arm Sigma Blade Lab Mixer

5 gallon Double Arm Spiral Blade Mixer, Pilot plant size.

50 gallon J.H. Day Double Arm Spiral Blade Mixer, 25 gallon working

one(1) used Economy Mfg. Co. Double Arm Mixer, 25 gallon working capacity

Baker Perkins Double Arm Mixer, Spiral blades, jacketed

Double Cone / Slant Cone

30 cu ft working, Paul O. Abbe Dbl. Cone Blender, rubber lined.

Double Planetary - Ross type

2 gallon Planetary Vacuum Mixer, stainless steel, jacketed.

2 gallon Ross Double Planetary Mixer, jacketed, stainless steel

2 gallon Ross Mixer, High Viscosity Blades, stainless steel, vacuum

4 gallon Ross Double Planetary Mixer, LDM-4, stainless, vacuum, jacketed

10 gallon Ross Double Planetary Mixer, stainless steel contacts

25 gallon Ross Double Planetary Mixer, stainless, vacuum.

100 gallon Jaygo Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer,

used 150 gallon Ross Double Planetary Mixer, stainless steel.

used 150 gallon Ross Mix Can, jacketed on casters, stainless steel

150 gallon Ross Mix Can, stainless steel, jacketed, casters.

Double Ribbon / Single Ribbon / Paddle

15 cu ft Double Ribbon Blender, rubber lined trough and ribbon.

20 cu ft Stone Equip. Corp. Paddle Blender.

35 cu ft J.H. Day used Double Ribbon Blender, jacketed and stainless steel

55 cu ft Ribbon Blender, 304 stainless steel contact parts, 20 hp.

210 cu ft Sprout Waldron Double Ribbon Blender, jacketed.

High Intensity - Eirich - and others

Eirich Bolt on Plow Blades, approx. 13 7/8" x 5 3/4" high

one(1) used Simpson Muller Mixer,

One(1) used Eirich Mixer, Model EGB2, 7.5hp, 36" diameter

one(1) used Eirich High Intensity Mixer, R-15

unused Eirich R15 Pan liner, bottom and sides.

R19 Eirich High Intensity Mixer

used Eirich Mixer, DEK18 High Intensity Mixer.

Prodex Henschel High Intensity Mixer, stainless steel, jacketed

Eirich High Intensity Mixer, DEV22, 81 cu ft

Eirich Mixing Pan Liners for bottom of pan of a DEV22

5 hp Hydraulic Pump, for Eirich discharge door.

Eirich lip Seal, for DEV22 mixer.

Four(4) Eirich Mixing Blade Arms.

Eirich R7 Belt. unused.

Littleford type

J.H. Day Turbulent Mixer / Dryer, 3.5 cu ft. stainless steel, jacketed, vacuum


#4 Continuous Mixer, Twin Screw(similiar to a Farrel)

Hobart Cutter/Chopper/Mixer

Cincinnati Mixer Muller 12" Diameter x 6" Deep - "Parts Machine"

Patterson High Speed Dispersior Mixer Shaft

Turbula Mixer, Mfgd. by WAB, T2C, single phase

IMS Double Drum Tumbler, 1.5 hp with control panel

Red Devil Paint Shaker, 1 gallon,

Mixing Blades, stainless steel, 1.75" diameter hub.

Stainless steel Hub for mixing blades, accepts 1.75" diameter shaft

Readco Continuous Mixer/Extruder, 2" diameter screws, 5 hp.

140 qt. Hobart Mixer, 5 hp, with bowl and paddle.

1 gallon Grease Mixer, Vacuum, Stainless steel variable speed.

used WAB Willy A. Bachofen Glen Mills Turbula Mixer

Premier Mill Corp. Mixer, variable speed, change can mixer, w/press out

J.H. Day Daymax Mixer. 10 gallon, stainless steel, jacketed.

J. H. Day Daymax Mixer, 10 gallon, stainless steel, jacketed bowl

10 hp Hockmeyer Mixer, air over oil lift, slow speed, stainless steel

one(1) used 10 hp Hockmeyer Post Slow Speed Mixer

10 hp Hockmeyer Post Mixer, 170 rpm, stainless steel shaft and blade

Patterson Kneader Mixer. Continuous, 10 hp, stainless steel


J.H.Day Mixtruder, Dbl. Sigma Blade with extruder discharge.

Tank Mixer

1.5 hp Lightnin Mixer, Agitator. with stainless steel shaft and prop.

Twin Shell / V blender

8 qt. Patterson Kelley Lab Twin Shell Blender, stainless steel.

8qt. P-K Twin Shell Lab Blender, lucite shell.

8 quart Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Liquid-Solid Blender, Lucite Shell

16 qt. Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Lab Blender, w/ liquid solids bar

1 cu ft Patterson Kelley Twin Shell, V-blender, stainless steel

10 cu ft Brighton Twin Shell Blender/Cooker, stainless steel.

30 cu ft Patterson Kelly Twin Shell V-blender. stainless steel.

40 cu ft PK Twin Shell Blender, carbon steel epoxy lined, with bar.

75 cu ft Patterson Kelley Twin Shell Blender

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