Glass Lined, jacketed Pipe, 3" dia. x 6' long.

Northeast Battery Charger

Northeast Battery Charger

used 7.5 KW Onan Generator, natural gas powered.

Micro Motion F Series Mass Flow Sensor

Guard Rail with posts

Fume Hood, Mfgd. by The Baker Co.

Labconco Fume Hood

CIP - Clean In Place System.

Casso-Solar Infared Heater Panels- unused

used Macbeth SpectraLight II Light Booth

used Macbeth SpectraLight

used Brookfield Viscometer

Research Equipment Ltd. Cone and Plate Viscometer

Hobart Battery Charger

Max Machinery Helical Rotor Flowmeter, 3" inlet/outlet

Max Machinery Helical Rotor Flowmeter, unused

Lights, Mfgd. by American Ultraviolet Co., two 34" bulbs,

American Ultraviolet Co. Tank Filters.

17.5" Manways with covers, stainless steel, qty. 6

Continental Disc Corporation Rupture Disc Assemblies, qty. 3

Steel hopper with rotary airlock and spiral feeder.

Used Forklift Forks, 1 pair

Pallet of Level Sensors,

AAliant FLowmeter, 2"

Budgit Chain Hoist

1HP Dayton Submersible Sewage Ejector

Nordson Reactive Hot Melt Applicator, MC Series

Bull Gear and Pinion

Atlas Weather-ometer

Salt Spray Cabinet, The Singleton Corp

Dayton Direct-Drive Upblast Centrifugal Roof & Wall Ventilator

Liquid Controls Corp Meter, M-5-16

Q-Fog Cyclic Corrosion Tester

Balston Nitrogen Generator

Liquid Controls Corp Meter, M-5-16

Ascott Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

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