Carbon steel

used 250 gallon Clawson Tank Co. Tank, carbon steel

200 gallon Carbon Steel Vertical Tank, Rated 111 psi internal, NB Stamped

240 gallon Carbon Steel Vertical Tank, with mixer

300 gallon Vertical Tank, steel

300 gallon Vertical Steel Tank.

300 gallon Vertical Steel Tank.

300 gallon Vertical Tank, steel construction.

300 gallon Vertical Tank, on legs, steel construction.

500 gallon Steel Tanks with top covers. (qty.3)

3,000 gallon Carbon Steel Horizontal Tanks, qty. 7.

3,000 gallon Horizontal Carbon Steel Tanks. (qty 5)

3,000 gallon Horizontal Steel tanks, qty.4


Tank Saddles. 12" x 84" belly, one set.

Tank Saddles, one set , 12" wide , 84" tip to tip.

Stainless Steel

used 500 gallon Stainless Steel Tank, 6" cone bottom, open top

Stainless Steel Hopper Tank.

1500 gallon Stainless Steel Tank, vertical on legs

Stainless Steel Vertical Tank. 23.5" diameter x 36" deep.

35 gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tank, 1/3 hp agitator.

used 50 gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tank, 316L S/S, 25 psi/FV

one(1) used 75 gallon Stainless Steel Pressure Tank

100 gallon Stainless Steel Tank.

used 100 gallon Stainless Steel Tank,

used 135 gallon Stainless Steel Tank, cone bottom

Two (2) 175 Gallon Vertical Column Tanks

used 180 gallon Stainless Steel TranStore Tank.

stainless steel open top tank.

300 gallon Walker Stainless Steel Tank

400 gallon Stainless steel Tanks, qty.2.

400 gallon Vertical Stainless Steel Tank.

500 gallon Metalcraft Inc. Mix Tank, stainless steel

used 750 gallon Stainless Steel Vertical Tank, on legs

775 gallon Rubberlined Stainless steel Tank, open top, flat bottom.

1000 gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tank, Proquip bridge agitation.

1000 gallon Stainless Steel Mix Tanks, (qty. 4) w/agitators.

1,100 gallon Stainless Steel Tanks, 6' diameter, qty. 2

1,200 gallon Stainless steel Tank, open top.

used 1,800 gallon Vertical Stainless Steel Tank, on legs.

5,300 gallon Stainless Steel Vertical Tank.

1,500 gallon Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless Steel Reactor

one(1) used 175 gallon Stainless Steel Reactor, 100 psi, 100 psi.

Stainless Steel jacketed

100 gallon Patterson Industries Receiver, jacketed

25 gallon stainless steel Tank - change can, jacketed with casters

used 260 gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank


200 gallon Poly Tanks. (2)

50 gallon Poly tank, flat bottom, on legs.

50 gallon Poly tank with agitator and pump.

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