J-Vap, by US FILTER, vacuum, heater and centrifugal pump

Filter Press

Sperry Filter Press, 18".

Sperry Filter Press, 30" x 30", poly plate and frame.

28.38 cu ft. Bethlehem Filter Press, recessed polypro.

Eimco/Shriver Filter Press, 36" ploly plates, 7.8 cu ft.cake cap.

Edwards Jones Filter Press Skeleton Frame.

470 mm JWI Filter Press, recessed plates, 4 eye, hyd. closure


Asahi Press, Continuous Mechanical Dehydrating Press

Pall Corp, Cartridge Filter, carbon steel, rated 150 psi, 6 cartridges

Pall Cartridge Filter Housing, Filtration and Separations Grp.

4" Basket filter housing, Filtration Systems Mechanical Mfg. Corp

4" bag filter, Filtration Systems Mechanical Mfg. Corp.

Basket Filters, approx. 6" x 30".

HEPA Filter, 26" x 27.5" x 29" Flange to Flange

Ronningen-Peter Filter, set of 3 canisters

Bag Filter Housing, stainless steel, 4" x 12".

Fulflo Filter, Parker, stainless steel housing

S. G. Frantz Electromagnetic Filter,

one(1) used S.G. Frantz Electromagnetic Filter Seperator

Basket Filters. approx. 6" x 30", qty. 3

4" diameter Basket Stainer, Mfgd. by Kraissl Co., 2" inlet/outlet.

4" diameter Basket Strainer, Mfgd. by Kraissl Co. 2" inlet/2" outlet.

4" diameter Basket Strainer, Mfgd by Kraissl Co., 2" inlet / 2" outlet.

4" diameter Basket Strainer, Mfgd. by Kraissl Co.

Pressure Leaf

North America Pressure Leaf Filter.

used Sparkler HRC-50 Filter, horiz. tank, rotating plates.

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