NEW - SEW Eurodrive, Right Angle, AC, Gear Reduced Motor

SM CYCLO Gear Reduced Drive, Model H 3255

Gear Reducers

Dodge Gear Reducer, shaft mount.

Morse Shaft Mount Gear Reducer, 215XM25,

5 hp, Gear Reduced Drive

5 HP Gear Reduced Drive with Fluid Coupling

5 HP Gear Reduced Drive with Fluid Coupling

Viking Pump Gear Reducer.

Eurodrive Gear Reducer, for a pump

Blackmer Helical Gear Reducer

Blackmer Helical Gear Reducer.

unused 25 hp SEW Eurodrive gear reduced drive.

7.5 hp Gear Reduced Drive, GE Motor.

7.5 hp US Motors Gear Reduced Drive.

3/4 hp Hyrtrol Gear Reduced Right Angle Drive.

1 hp Dodge Tigear Gear reduced drive.

15HP Falk Gear Reduced Drive

10hp Louis Allis Ball Mill Drive, with motor

10hp Winsmith Ball Mill Drive, with motor

30hp, Westinghouse, Ball Mill Drive with motor

40HP Helical Foote Jones Dresser Gear Reducer

Ball and Pebble Mill Drive, 20 hp drive

Vari Speed Drives

Vari Speed Drive with sprocket, estimated to be a 1 hp.

8.3 hp Eurodrive, variable speed.

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