Stearns Metal Detector

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  • Stearns Metal Detector
  • Stearns Metal Detector
  • Stearns Metal Detector


  • » one(1) used Stearns Metal Detector.
  • » 7" x 7" wide opening.
  • » LCD Omni Scan Readout.
  • » 110 volt electric, single phase.
  • » Stainless steel legs.
  • » 48" long plastic conveyor track.
  • » Equipped with signaling bell.
  • » Tested unit inour shop.
  • » Alarm went off on Ferrous .4mm x 1.4mm
  • » Alarm went off on Alum. 1.38mm x 1mm
  • » Alarm went off on Copper 6mm x 14 gauge.

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